Thursday, October 8, 2009

So How Was GSoC 2008 after all?

So I never used this for GSoC. It's actually been a while since I got accepted and finished GSoC.

So I'll tell a brief story of how it went.

After being asked to decide for one of the two projects, I decided to go with the Akonadi OpenChange resource. I would say that the biggest factor was the fact that I already had a relationship with who would be my mentor before I was even accepted. But I was very interested in both projects.

The summer went well, and I accomplished almost all tasks of my project.

You can see most of what I accomplished here.

After the summer ended I redeployed from Iraq back to the U.S.
I've also moved a lot of times since then, so I never really had a chance to completely settle down until now.

So now that I'm somewhat settled down, I've decided to start working on the Akonadi openchange resource again. Most of what is left is sending information to the Exchange server, as I almost finished pulling information from it during GSoC.

I've already fixed an annoying bug that made the resource crash when an openchange profile database wasn't created (which is the case for all new users).

The bug slipped by because I always had a profile database while I was working on the resource before. I guess starting all over again brought something good to the table :).

So, After installing MS Exchange 2008 R2 Preview, I found out that you can't install Exchange server in it, so now I'm going to try and install MS Exchange Server 2008 (not the R2 version) and see if that works.

I hope to start using this again to keep people updated.


Jo Ă˜iongen said...

Would that be Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008R2? With an yet unknown version of Exchange? :)

Alan Alvarez said...

It's not possible to install any version of MS Exchange on Windows Server 2008 R2

Brad Hards said...

Welcome back :-)

Post more screenshots...