Saturday, October 10, 2009

Restarting Mira development

Another project I used to work on, and plan to start working on again is Mira Groupware.

Its development has been inactive for some time, but that won't be for long.

After watching a video on Giver (an application developed by a Novell programmer), it motivated me to start working on it again.

Giver is a great application, and I suppose it does what it is supposed to do, but it has so much potential. However, development for it has stopped completely as it was just a weekend (or week-long) project. I could just expand Giver, but I don't think it was designed to do all the things I have in mind. Which Mira Groupware is. The network code for Mira has been ready for a long time. I'm now working on the Zeroconf (service discovery) on linux using Avahi (the same library Giver uses).

Hopefully I'll have some screenshots to show in a few days/weeks.


maninalift said...

It would be a huge bonus for KDE to have something like this. However to pull it off you surely need to use the existing KDE technologies (you don't want to be writing a new word processor or email manager for example). Also to be really useful to the user it is better if it is totally integrated into the rest of KDE (using Akonadi for example is surely a must). The Mira wiki seems to have a quite detailed and ambitious plan but I'm concerned it doesn't say much about using existing KDE tech. Great looking site and great logo BTW.

Alan Alvarez said...

Actually the way we plan to do it, is to use plugins for things like that. So it'll interact with other technologies. So for emails, it'd use something like akonadi, and the same for other existing technologies.

jacinthiajagla said...

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