Monday, October 12, 2009

Mira connects to peers on LAN

Ok... so it wasn't as easy as I thought to get the network code going for p2p. I think the discovery part was actually easier.

Either way I do have something to show:

What you see is my regular laptop (clsk@aliensoft ( + a virtual machine (aalvarez@alientest ( both running a Mira client. You can see that they discover each other and connect to each other as well.

Right now, they create two connections when they discover each other, but I've already got a system down so that they chose which one will connect just haven't implemented it yet. Also, I haven't integrated it to the GUI just yet, but that will be the easy part.

Either way, that's the final product of long hours of scratching my head, trying to figure out how Avahi really worked and re-designing the network code. There's a lot Mira will be able to do from here. Getting Mira to do what Giver does is just a matter of implementing drag&drop and sending the files through the connection already established.

Also, the network code is multi-threaded. Right now the whole application runs 5 concurrent threads which is more than enough. So for those that have multi-core processors, Mira will take advantage of them.

Update: Here's a screenshot with the ContactDockWidget userlist being updated when a connection with a Neighbor (P2P) is established.

Also, I've created a new branch in launchpad for this code called p2p. This will live there until I can port the code to Windows and OS X

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