Monday, March 24, 2008

First Post + GSoC 2008

I set up a blog once before, but never really posted much to it since I didn't have much stuff to talk about that other people would even care about.

Now things have changed since I'm planning on applying for Google Summer of Code 2008 and (I think) I have a good chance of getting accepted.

I'll be using this blog mainly so that other people can track my progress on whichever project I get accepted.

As of right now I'm planning on applying for two projects. One is to implement a resource (basically a backend plugin) to Akonadi. The resource I would be implementing in the event that I get picked up is an OpenChange resource to allow users to interact with MS Exchange Servers.

I will also be applying to implement ICMP and an error-handling mechanism for the Haiku network stack. This will also include Path MTU discovery.

I already have a pretty good idea of how to do this since I've spent a couple of hours looking at the network stack code and I must say that Haiku has one of the cleanset network stack implementation I've ever seen in my life. It was relatively easy to follow the code. I think this might have to do wit the fact that it's written in C++. Some might argue that having C++ in the kernel is stupid. I think otherwise, and Haiku has definitely proven those people to be wrong.

For anyone interested here is a basic explanation of the internal design of the Haiku Network Stack that I (unfortunetly) found after I already knew the how things worked. It did help clarify one or two things afterwards though.

As you have seen both projects I've chosen to apply for are in C++. C++ is my native (programming) language. It's the first one I learned (except for BASIC in like 4th grade) and it's the one I have the most experience on. It also happens to be the one I like the best. I've started to appreciate python lately however, but that's another story.


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